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The Cooperative

A Collective Project

Cooperatives are democratic entities where the power lies in the people who make them up, not in the capital they have deposited.

The General Assembly is the meeting of all members. It´s the cooperative “legislative power”. It´s responsible, among other things:

  • Set the cooperative general policy.
  • Examine social management, approve annual accounts, management report and the application of available surplus or allocation of loss.
  • Appointment and revocation of the Governing Council members and auditors.

Cooperative Government

The Cooperative’s Governing Council, elected in May 2018, is formed by:

PresidentDavid Carot Gil
Vice-presidentIsmael Sanjuán Monzonís
SecretaryVicente Cabañés Cortés
TreasurerMiguel Martín Martínez
Member 1José Manuel Molina Alreus
Member 2Gregorio Pérez Tenas
Member 3Francisco Molina Alreus
Member 4Agustín Pastor Juesas
Member 5Jesús Cortés Gascón
Member 6José Vicente Darder López
Member 7Francisco Javier Punter Costa
Member 8José Vicente Llobat Castellano

The Director of the Cooperative is Fernando Marco Peñarocha.


Mission, Vision, Values


The management activities, mainly agricultural, to improve the quality of life of our members and the development of our territory, through an efficient and innovative management, generating new opportunities.


We want to be a reference entity in Alto Palancia for the development of the agricultural and rural environment, from a perspective of an integral agri-food cooperative.




Commitment to people and territory



The Team

Fifty workers make up the Cooperative´s team.

A young and qualified staff, ready to take all the challenges raised by members.

The Members

The Cooperative has reached the amount fo 500 members with a presence in almost all villages of Alto Palancia.

Both producers members and consumers find their place in our entity.

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