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An agri-food cooperative company in the interior of Castellón?

It was not planned, but we have made it possible.

Our cooperative was founded in 1990, although the first foundations date from 1915.

We have come this far thanks to the will of a lot of people. In cooperatives, that is the key: members, board members and workers under a common project.

Our main motivation is the idea of enduring while responding to our members needs.

In 1990, 242 members formed the current Cooperativa de Viver to have the oil mil service available. Nowadays, it´s a modern and innovative agri-food company. Nowadays, it´s a modern and innovative agri-food company.


The Origins

First Cooperative called ``La Defensora de Viver`` and the existence of different collective and private oil mills.
Constitution of Grupo Sindical de Colonización ( a labour union ), which later became the SAT JOVEN VIVER.


Cooperative Foundation

Constitution of the current Cooperativa de Viver, under the name of Cooperativa Oleícola Serrana del Palancia, Coop. V.
First milling campaign with 358,225 kg of olives.


The Settlement as an Oil Mill

Record campaign in the 90s: 872,000 kg.


Diversification as an Agricultural Cooperative

Merging of the SAT Joven Viver and the Cooperative.
Launching of the Almonds Drying Room and Marketing Centre.
Launching of the Petrol Station.
Common Cultivation Section creation.
Start of Lágrima production.
Charter of Viver supermarket opening.
Start of walnuts marketing.


Innovation and Growth as an Agri-Food Cooperative

New offices and supply store.
Installation of a solar cover photovoltaic.
Online shop creation.
Charter of Almenara supermarket opening.
Fruit and vegetables planned production and marketing.
Charter of Altura supermarket opening.
Natural cosmetics line made with extra virgin olive oil.
Recovery of a local variety legume called Alubia del Confit.
Launching of agrotourism activities.
Recovery of the region's wine tradition with the brands La Piel de la Vid and Divinos & Viñas.

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